Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hello and welcome to the Sustainable Softworks blog. I started Sustainable Softworks in 1996 to build a software IP router for the Mac. At the time, it was a big leap. I'd been working at Digital Equipment Corporation for the past 14 years and had never developed for the Mac before. I fell in love with the Mac 10 years earlier, and was part of small increasingly marginalized group of Mac enthusiasts at Digital. I used my own Mac while working at DEC to thrive, developing user interface prototypes in HyperCard, and publishing technical documents, but Digital was shaking itself apart and I needed something to do.

I always wanted to run my own business, so somehow I convinced myself the experience would be worth it regardless of the outcome. Two years later, I shipped IPNetRouter which received a 1999 Macworld Editor's Choice Award and was licensed to Apple Computer as part of the original AirPort Software Base Station.

Much has happened since then, but this blog is still about using Macs, following your dreams, and one developers experience of technology from the inside out. Enjoy the ride!

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